2020-06-24 12:35:23

  6月23日,CC校长Craig Stephenson博士向我校发来热情洋溢的贺信,以祝贺苏州百年职业学院在此抗疫的特殊时期,通过高科技手段,顺利举办2020届(更名后第一届)毕业生毕业典礼,让加拿大的领导和老师远隔重洋也能够全称观摩和参与此次典礼,整场典礼流程顺畅,气氛热烈而隆重,给CC方留下了深刻印象。




  Dear Dr. Peng and the Senior SCC leadership team

   Thank you for hosting an outstanding Convocation on Saturday morning. Thanks to the technology, the quality translation in o English and the meticulous preparation behind the scenes, I felt I was in the Convocation Hall with you all!

  Ideally, as you know, I would have liked to have been there with you and to have delivered my address in person. Technology however, still made it feel very real and very personable. It also ensured our two institutions came together to recognize this historic moment; the first 30 students in China to ever receive a joint Canadian and a Chinese credential! along with the many other SCC students graduating that day on line and in person.

   This was such a special moment in time, that speaks to: the strong partnership between us; the dedication of faculty and administrators to work through the challenges (while still seizing the opportunities) and the resilience and determination of those 30 students, the essence of which was captured so beautifully by the valedictorian, whom I do hope you pass on my congratulations and gratitude to also.

  Dr Peng, I know you will be upset that you were unable to attend the Convocation, but rest assured it all went incredibly smoothly and underscored the effectiveness of your leadership team and entire faculty and staff. Not being there, also gave you an opportunity, to do what is most important right now, rest and recover!

  With much gratitude and best wishes